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You're expecting a new baby and are over the moon! You definitely want to capture this time together, but you're not sure what style you like best. A newborn is only a newborn for about 3 weeks, so with such a limited amount of time, you will want to start planning as soon as possible.

If there was one photo session I would encourage you to NOT miss out on, it would 100% be newborns.

At Diane Mueller Photography in La Grange, Texas you can choose either posed, lifestyle, or some of each. Sessions can be inside the fully equipped camera room, inside the glass house or even outdoors, weather permitting.

With beautifully styled yet baby led posing you can count on really being able to see and remember those sweet faces photographed at just the right angle utilizing soft, dreamy studio lighting. As with all newborn sessions, the baby's safety is always the first and main concern. No babies are ever forced into unsafe situations and the baby's likes and dislikes are always first in mind.

As a veteran newborn photographer you can count on, I work with your sweet newborn to get a feel for what position(s) the baby is most comfortable (or uncomfortable) in. Of course this is always done with tender, gentle care along with patience and tried and true techniques.

An endless array of props, wraps and other accessories are used that best compliment and accent your baby's coloring. Of course there are always plenty of white and neutral options as well as softly colored options. Parents are also encouraged to bring any props they may want to include in the Full and Extended sessions.

With the Lifestyle type of session, care is always taken to make everyone looks their best with slight direction and posing but in a more casual manner. When toddlers are included in the lifestyle session you can count on me pulling out all the tricks to appease smaller children who may or may not be happy about having a new baby in the family.

The custom built glass house located on my property is the perfect location for lifestyle sessions although they can also be done inside my camera room or even in your home if you have plenty of soft window light available.

I can promise you I always have a "do whatever it takes" attitude when it comes to including young siblings in sessions. It usually takes a bit of teamwork!

As always, lifestyle and posed options can be combined to make sleep deprived parents look their very best.

Don't forget to inquire about my NEWBORN PORTRAIT GIFT REGISTRY. Everyone knows that expenses can add up with newborns so inviting your friends and family to purchase a gift certificate for your BABY SHOWER can really take a load off of your mind. It's as easy as a simple phone call. I can take care of the transaction without any inconvenience at all.

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